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Former world welterweight king Floyd Mayweather (R) and YouTube personality Logan Paul (L) fight in an eight-round exhibition bout at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on June 6, 2021. - Floyd Mayweather predictably dominated YouTube star Logan Paul on Sunday night in an eight round exhibition fight at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Mayweather, who weighed in at 155 lbs with his opponent tipping the scales at 189.5 lbs, produced a typically slick performance much to the delight of a substantial crowd at the home of the Miami Dolphins. (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP) (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

If you paid pay-per-view money to see FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. knock LOGAN PAUL out, you’re probably not very happy this morning.

Floyd dominated, but that’s not saying much.  He never went in for the kill, and the “exhibition”, as it was billed, went the full, not-terribly-exciting eight rounds.

Fans started booing toward the end of the eighth when they realized nobody was hitting the canvas.

Floyd basically danced around, threw a few punches, and collected his enormous paycheck for exerting very little energy.

Paul gassed out pretty early, but he did land a few shots here and there.  He tried to exploit his 34-pound weight advantage by leaning on Floyd as much as possible.

After the fight, Floyd said, quote, “He’s better than I thought he was.  I was surprised by him tonight.”

Paul admitted he would go home wondering if Floyd LET him survive.  But he added, quote, “It’s an honor to grace the ring with him, this is the coolest thing ever.”