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TALLINN, ESTONIA - SEPTEMBER 14: Young woman drives her car while text messaging on her mobile phone in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonia gained independence from Russia in 1991 and freed from the confines of totalitarian rule Estonia is experiencing an economic adventure with growth rates higher than China's. Estonia is also one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. There's free wireless spots all over, even in parks and on beaches. With your mobile phone you can pay for parking and check your children's school grades and more than 80% file their tax declarations online.

If you text-and-drive a lot, you’re probably a bad driver in general . . . not just when you’re on your phone.  A study at Penn looked at young drivers under 25.  And the ones who text-and-drive were also more likely to ignore speed limits, run red lights, and pass people aggressively.

Almost half of drivers in the poll had already been in at least one fender bender.  And 73% of those drivers were people who text-and-drive a lot.

Another recent study looked at the top five things we worry about other drivers doing.  And half of people said texting is #1.  The top five are texting . . . road rage . . . speeding . . . tailgating . . . and failing to yield.