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A young man holds a bag of marijuana he bought in a cannabis store in Quebec City, Quebec on October 17, 2018. - Nearly a century of marijuana prohibition came to an end Wednesday as Canada became the first major Western nation to legalize and regulate its sale and recreational use. Scores of customers braved the cold for hours outside Tweed, a pot boutique in St John's, Newfoundland that opened briefly at midnight, to buy their first grams of legal cannabis.In total, Statistics Canada says 5.4 million Canadians will buy cannabis from legal dispensaries in 2018 -- about 15 percent of the population. Around 4.9 million already smoke. (Photo by Alice Chiche / AFP) (Photo credit should read ALICE CHICHE/AFP via Getty Images)

In a lot of states, marijuana is easier to get than ever.  And in New York City, it’s literally falling from the sky.

Earlier this month, a 29-year-old man brought a GARBAGE BAG filled with marijuana to the roof of a building in Brooklyn.  He was apparently a drug dealer, who was expecting to sell 19 POUNDS of weed for $20,000.

But things went south.  His “customers” pulled out guns, and started attacking him, trying to steal the bag.  So the guy just HURLED IT off the roof.

It slammed onto the sidewalk below . . . and when the pedestrians realized what it was, they scrambled to grab what they could and then ran off.

The drug dealer was treated for minor injuries at the hospital.  And the police are looking for the people who robbed him.

There’s also video of the bag hitting the sidewalk, and people grabbing the weed.  But it’s unclear if any of them are being tracked down.