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a display of Fathers Day cards. (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Sunday is Father’s Day.  And if you just go by how much people are spending . . . I guess we love our dad about 15% LESS than we love our mom.

The average person will spend $190 on Dad this year compared to the $219 we spent on Mother’s Day last month.  Here are six more Father’s Day stats . . .

1.  55% of Americans will celebrate Father’s Day this year in one way or another.  Another 7% said maybe.

2.  52% will buy a gift . . . 40% are planning a meal or celebration . . . 19% are going out for dinner . . . 27% will do a phone call or video chat . . . and 39% will buy a card.

3.  Over half of us will do something for our own dad, but he’s not the only person we’re celebrating.  37% will also do something for their husband or partner . . . 11% will do something for their father-in-law . . . and 7% said their grandfather.

4.  The top money-related things we’ve asked our dad for help with are:  Buying a car . . . career advice . . . budgeting . . . and buying a house.

5.  Over half of us think Father’s Day is a “real” holiday we should celebrate.  35% think it’s just a commercial holiday we’ve all been pressured into, so companies can make money off it.

6.  One in five dads say they’ve been DISAPPOINTED on Father’s Day before, because their family didn’t do enough.