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21 Sep 2000: The crowd enjoys the action in the Beach Volleyball at Bondi Beach on Day Six of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Mandatory Credit: Darren McNamara /Allsport

Cheering is banned at the Tokyo Olympics

And that’s not the only downer.  Only local fans are allowed to attend, and each Olympic venue is only allowed to be at 50% capacity.

The fans who do decide to attend MUST not only wear a mask and head home right after the event . . . but they also MUST remain silent.

There is some truth to this logic though . . . less cheering means fewer particles in the air, and in theory, less Covid-19 being passed around.  Makes sense . . . but it might make the games this year even MORE underwhelming.

In related news, Japan released a 32-page “playbook” for athletes and their support teams.

Highlights include: cannot visit tourist areas, shops, restaurants, or gyms . . . not allowed to attend events as spectators . . . not allowed to use public transportation unless given special permission . . . and rooms must be ventilated every 30 minutes.