NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 28: Mary J. Blige is inducted to The Apollo walk of fame at The Apollo Theater on May 28, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Mary got emotional on “GMA” today when asked about a scene from her upcoming documentary, “Mary J. Blige’s My Life.”

“Good Morning America” correspondent Janai Norman talked to Mary J. about her documentary, “Mary J. Blige’s My Life” that starts streaming on Prime Video this Friday, June 25th.

Mary discussed why her album, “My Life” still resonates with people all of these years later.

There’s a moment in the interview when Janai asks Mary about a scene from the documentary where she breaks down crying listening to the album.  Mary starts to answer and gets emotional describing that moment in the documentary. “Just all the pain that I suffered… all the pain.  Why is all this happening to me?  And, just the pain of that alone is what I was dealing with.  Just why?  Why do I have to suffer so much?  Just painful.  Painful hating yourself.  Painful not loving yourself.  I was just bouncing, trying to survive, singing for my life literally.”

You can watch Mary J. Blige’s interview with “GMA” below as well as the trailer for “Mary J. Blige’s My Life.”