Wicked Summer Fun Guide

It’s that time of year again… where we spend alll of our free time at the beach! But, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need before you head out. From getting the right beach bag, to making sure you have sunscreen… we did the work for you! Check out our beach packing list below to get you started.

1. Beach Bag

First things first, you can’t go to the beach without a beach bag! But, it’s important to pick the right one. Make sure it’s sturdy, spacious, and a good material. A huge plus if it’s water resident too! Find some great options here.

2. Towel

A beach towel is another must have. Whether you are using it to lay out on the sand or to dry after after taking a dip in the water, you don’t want to go to the beach without one. There are plenty of lightweight and roll up ones that will fit perfectly in your beach bag. Here are some cheap ones with many color options too!

3. Coverup

Beach coverups are not only decently inexpensive, but also super convenient! There are so many different options: long sleeve, crochet, maxi length, two piece sets, etc. Especially if it starts to get cooler throughout the day, this is the perfect way to stay comfortable. Check out some ideas here.

4. Chair

Another beach essential… a chair! Of course you can lay out on your towel, but a beach chair adds another level of comfort that makes your experience that much better. Plus, they are usually pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. Check out a bunch of different options here.

5. Sunscreen

This might be the most important item of all… you should never go to the beach without sunscreen! Even on a cloudy day, sunscreen is a must to keep your skin healthy. There are plenty of different SPF’s to choose from depending on what you are looking for, so make sure you do your research before picking one up. You don’t want a sunburn to ruin the rest of your vacation! Here are some of the many different options here.

6. Sunglasses

It’s important that you protect your eyes while lounging at the beach… especially on those extra sunny days! There are so many different styles to choose from and picking out a pair you like can be fun. Check out some options on the cheaper side here!

7. Water Bottle

It’s easy to get dehydrated and tired after being out in the sun for so long… so having water on you is a gamechanger. If you get a water bottle that keeps your drink cold, that’s a huge plus too! Here’s some great water bottle options.

8. Hair Brush

Let’s be real… salty hair is not always easy to deal with! Instead of waiting until you get home… throw a small hair brush in your bag and brush it out when you get out of the water. You’ll thank yourself later! Here are a bunch of mini hair brushes to choose from.

9. Portable Speaker

Sure, you could bring your headphones and listen to your music alone, but why not bring a portable speaker so everyone can join in on the fun?! Most of them are super small and easy to fit right in your beach bag. Plus, some of them are even water proof, which would probably give you more piece of mind when bringing it to the beach. Get your hands on one here!

10. Book

Some people like to listen to music on the beach, others like to read. If you go to the beach to relax and unwind, especially if you go alone, a good book will make your day so much better. A quiet day with your feet in the sand and a book in your hand sounds perfect. Browse all the latest book releases here.

11. Cooler

Coolers can be a bit of a hassle to bring around, but there are small ones that are perfect for a beach day, especially if you plan on being there for a several hours. If you want to bring some fresh fruit, water, sandwiches, etc., a cooler will make all the difference. Check out some mini coolers here.


12. Games

If you get bored fast, then you know that bringing games to the beach is a must! Whether you bring cornhole, spikeball, a frisbee, or even just a tennis ball to throw around in the water… these inexpensive games are a great way to make your beach day that much more fun. Get your hands on some beach games here.