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PEABODY, MA - MAY 15: A Peabody police officer gestures as he directs traffic following massive flooding in Peabody Square that closed many businesses in the downtown area May 15, 2006 in Peabody, Massachusetts. Heavy flooding is expected in the region after the National Weather Service reported, last night, that a record amount of rain fell in Boston and the surrounding area over the weekend. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Los Angeles normally wins the title of the city with the worst traffic.  But it was a weird year, and a new study found L.A. did NOT have the worst traffic in 2020.

The New York area did, with the average driver wasting 56 hours in traffic last year.  Boston is next at 50 hours, followed by Houston at 49.  L.A. and San Francisco tied for fourth at 46 hours each.

For cities with less than three million people, Austin is first at 41 hours.  For one million or less, Bridgeport, Connecticut at 40 hours.

The study also found that last year, traffic dipped to one of its lowest levels in the past three decades.  But it started building back up again around September.