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Chris Brown is getting sued by his former housekeeper after his dog allegedly mauled her. The housekeeper who is suing under a Jane Doe, says the singer is responsible for the injuries she suffered back in December. 

In documents obtained by TMZ, when working at Brown’s home in Tanzana, the housekeeper was taking out the trash when the attack happened. The Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, named Hades, attacked her and began to tear at her skin. Brown was home at the time with friends when the attack happened and, she alleges that despite the cries for help, no one came to assist her. When Brown saw the housekeeper she claims that the singer told his team to grab the dogs and leave before cops and paramedics arrived on the scene. 

The housekeeper claims that Brown was misleading law enforcement by saying he did not know where the dogs were and had no idea what had happened to the housekeeper.  In documents, she also claims that Hades was later euthanized after the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter found the dog to be dangerous. 

The former housekeeper had to “undergo extensive surgery to save her life — and that the injuries she sustained have permanently scarred her.” Her husband is filing his own lawsuit claiming, “loss of the ability to have the love and companionship of his wife.” 

Chris Brown nor his legal team have publicly made a statement as of yet.  Brown posted a photo of his dogs last year, see it below.