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COLUMBIA, MO - APRIL 21: Tracy Della Vecchia takes a break from working on her website ( outside her home April 21, 2003 in Columbia, Missouri. Della Vecchia founded the Marine Moms website as a resource and community site for family members, particularly mothers, of U.S. Marines fighting in the Gulf. The site features chat rooms, special links as well as current information. Della Vecchia's son has been assigned to the 3rd Battalion 4th Marines India Company which was one of the fighting forces spear heading the attack on Iraq. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

This Saturday is National Kitten Day, when we’re encouraged to donate, foster, or adopt.  So here’s a question:  Once you’ve got that cat, is it okay to take it out and walk it on a LEASH?

Anyone who does it will tell you to buy a harness, not just a collar.  And don’t force your cat to do it if they don’t want to.  Some cats aren’t into it.

But assuming they do like it, here’s the real question:  Is it socially ACCEPTABLE to walk your cat?

Someone asked over 10,000 Americans . . . and most people now say YES.  58% of us are fine with it.

That includes 26% who “somewhat approve” and 32% who “STRONGLY approve.”  Another 27% don’t have an opinion, or don’t care.  And only 15% said they don’t think it’s okay.

Men were slightly more likely to disapprove . . .17% of men and 13% of women.