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In Sacramento, a “Karen” accused Ronnie Marie, a Black woman, of selling drugs in her neighborhood when in fact she was just selling hair extensions out of her bicycle.

In a video posted to TikTok by user @prettii_tbit seems as though Prettii was attempting to buy the hair extensions from Marie when “Karen” comes by and tries to give her a “heads up.” “Karen” told Marie that what she’s doing doesn’t “look right” to the people in the neighborhood and that the cops might be called. The entrepreneur stays calm and insists she’s not doing anything wrong for that to happen.

However, Marie has a different approach to what she wants to happen to the Karen that harassed her.

Marie, the owner of Marie’s Luxury Hair Extensions, told TMZ that, “she doesn’t want ‘Karen’ to lose her job or get canceled over the incident.”

The entrepreneur said that she goes to that neighborhood every day at the same time and says that the people know her well.

After the interaction went viral on TikTok, getting over 2 million views, the hair-care product owner says the positive support from customers and strangers is the best way to counteract the behavior from “Karens.”

Marie also told TMZ that she doesn’t want to pursue legal action.