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SANTIAGO, CHILE - NOVEMBER 20: A woman watches Esposa Joven, Spanish for Young wife, on a cell phone while they are broadcasting Turkish Soap Opera Tv Series in Santiago, Chile on November 20, 2019. (Photo by Sebastian Brogca/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Weddings can be boring.  No one goes into one saying, “I really hope it’s a two- to three-hour traditional affair!”  And yet, some people still plan them like that.  But have you ever been so bored that you’ve secretly watched a little Netflix?

In a new survey of mobile viewers, a whopping 16% say that they’ve watched a show on their phone during a WEDDING.  Which is wild.  Some of that could’ve been during down-time where nothing is happening.  But still.

In general, people who are into mobile content say they watch 28% of their TV shows on their phones.

About one-in-five have watched a show or movie at a bar, and 31% have watched something in their car.

More than one-third of people admit to “double screening” at home . . . so that’s watching one thing on your phone, while watching another thing on TV.

But some of those people aren’t really TRYING to watch both.   37% say it’s basically just a way for them to watch their own stuff, rather than the content that other people are watching in the room at the time.