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Sometimes people aren’t just looking for a new job, they’re looking for a new CAREER.  And a change like that could require some kind of degree or years of special training, but not always.

There’s a new report out with a list of jobs that don’t require any previous experience, and some of them even pay MORE than the current national median income of $42,000.

Here’s the list, along with the average salaries:

1.  Recreation and fitness studies teachers . . . $66,000


2.  Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters . . . $56,000


3.  Insurance sales agents . . . $52,000


4.  Heating, cooling, and refrigeration mechanics and installers . . . $51,000


5.  Highway maintenance workers . . . $42,000

Others that pay just BELOW the national median include:  Exercise trainers . . . group fitness instructors . . . team assemblers . . . order clerks . . . packaging and filling machine operators . . . preschool teachers . . . and janitors.