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BEESKOW, GERMANY - JULY 13: Search party roams through the woods in a lookout for infected wild boars in a forest of Oder-Spree district on July 13, 2021 near Beeskow, Germany. Private companies, soldiers, hunters and workers of the district veterinary authority take part in an operation organized by the local authority's veterinary service as part of an effort to stem the spread of African swine fever. Wild boar that carry the viral disease, which is highly contagious and deadly also to domesticated pigs, have been coming over the border from Poland. Authorities are desperate to halt the disease before it affects local hog farms. (Photo by Omer Messinger/Getty Images)

The search efforts for a missing person can be intense, so they’re usually willing to accept ANY help they can get.  Even if it’s the person they’re searching for.

A man in Turkey was reported missing on Tuesday, after his loved ones lost touch with him for several hours.  Apparently, he’d gone out drinking with some friends . . . and then wandered into the woods.

While in the woods, the guy saw people looking for someone, so he joined in . . . reportedly for “hours.”  Eventually, he noticed that they were chanting HIS name, so he responded, “I’m here!”  Once the authorities confirmed he was with them, they called off the search and gave him a ride home.