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DoorDash app logo is displayed on a mobile phone screen photographed for illustration on a plate and with cutlery. Krakow, Poland on February 9, 2021. Numbers show that the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a significant increase of meals ordered online through food delivery apps and websites. (Photo illustration by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Anyone with a front door that opens OUT knows about this issue.  But it’s been more common during the pandemic:  Someone posted a TikTok video after their DoorDash driver trapped them in their house . . . by placing their order way too close to their door.

They ordered some breakfast with an iced coffee, and the driver left it six inches in front of their door.  So if they opened the door, the coffee would spill.

It’s not clear how they eventually dealt with it.  In the video comments, the person said their place doesn’t have a backdoor.  So they probably had to sacrifice the coffee and spill it, or climb out a window.


It’s ok, I do some DoorDash driving from time to time, I can criticize #doordash #coffee #doordash

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