Local singer Radha probably did not expect this when she showed up for her usual Sunday set at Faneuil Hall!

Radha, a 22-year-old musician from Allston, began singing John Legend’s popular song “All of Me,” which she calls a “fan favorite” at Faneuil Hall, according to Boston.com. As people started to pass pass, some of them stopped to listen and dance. Then, she noticed one man in particular standing away from the crowd and watching her perform with his family… and it was John Legend himself.

“I see someone that looks like John Legend, in a trench coat and a mask on, with some kids by him,” she said. “I was like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty funny; he looks just like John Legend.’” Once he took his mask off, she knew it was actually him.

“It was quite a coincidence,” she said. “People wondered if it was like staged or something, and it was like, there was no strategy at all.”

Legend had a concert Sunday night at the Orpheum Theatre, but spent the day walking around Faneuil Hall beforehand with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their two kids, Luna and Miles. Radha didn’t know he was in town and was shocked to see him.

“Obviously I was shocked internally, but I wanted to continue singing and definitely share that moment with him and his family and just thank him through the music for being such an inspiration to me,” she said. “The artist in me is programmed to just continue no matter what happens.”

See below to watch the special moment and click here for more from Radha’s official Instagram page.