Some of you may have heard by now that Halloween was canceled in Melrose schools… and apparently, Jimmy Kimmel got wind of the news too.

On Wednesday night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Kimmel opened the show by poking fun at Melrose’s Halloween controversy, in which Superintendent Julie Kukenberger’s decided to cancel all Halloween celebrations in Melrose schools.

“Sounds to me like maybe Julie Kukenberger couldn’t think of a fun costume so she ruined it for everybody,” Kimmel joked. The superintendent said that the decision was made to promote inclusivity, but since the news broke, many parents are fought back.

Since the decision was announced, more than 2,500 people have signed an online petition urging the district to reconsider the decision. In addition, the topic was heavily debated during this week’s School Committee meeting, and parents even planned a costume drive on Melrose town common Thursday to ensure that every student had a costume to wear. Now, the superintendent has taken back her original statement and Halloween is officially back ON in elementary schools in Melrose!

“All I know for sure is there are about to be a lot of eggs thrown at the Kukenberger house,” Kimmel cracked. He later suggested some “alternate, non-offensive name for the holiday at the end of October.” Some ideas he threw out: “Squash Hashanah,” “The Festival of Non-Terrifying, Eco-Friendly Rubber Masks,” and “Children Dress Slightly Differently Than They Normally Do Every Day.” Watch the hilarious clip below.