Now that we’ve reached November, the cold winter months are quickly approaching. While some like to escape to somewhere warm, others embrace the chill. To help Americans figure out their travel plans for the colder months, WalletHub developed a ranking of the cheapest U.S. destinations, as well as the easiest to get to.

WalletHub analyzed nearly 70 of the largest metro areas, grouped as either “warm” or “cold” based on 39 key metrics, including expenses, convenience, weather predictions, safety, variety of activities, and more. Boston, Cambridge, and Newton ranked at #10 on the list of best cold-weather destinations – see the breakdown of some of the metrics below.

Planning a Winter Getaway in Boston-Cambridge-Newton (1=Best; 16 =Avg.):

  • 20th – Travel Costs & Hassles
  • 29th – Local Costs
  • 6th – Attractions
  • 12th – Weather
  • 12th – Activities
  • 2nd – Safety

Atlanta, Georgia came in at #1, followed by Washington, D.C. at #2 and the New York and New Jersey area at #3. Worcester, MA actually ranked last on the cold-weather destination list. Click here for the full study, as well as the best warm-weather destinations if you are looking for a break this winter.