These two just couldn’t wait to tie the knot.

Clara, 18, and Trey Bell 20, eloped on a Florida beach for only $200, having decided only three hours prior to get married. They got hitched with $4 rings after only dating for two weeks. They went viral on TikTok after documenting the whole thing. The couple hired a minister and photographer through a company that offered same-day officiants, and they did not have any family or friends there due to how last minute it was, according to the NY Post.

“We spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey proposed the idea — we eloped,” said the teenage Louisville, Kentucky, native of their short phase as an unmarried couple, according to Kennedy News and Media. “When Trey first proposed the idea of getting married, I was pretty on board. I was like, ‘That’s crazy,’ but we did it.”

The couple has now moved in together and is continuing to post on their joint TikTok account. Check out some videos below, as well as photos from the big day.

#greenscreen fun fact We decided to get married 3 hours before we got married

14.2K Likes, 139 Comments. TikTok video from Clara and trey (@claraandtrey): "#greenscreen fun fact We decided to get married 3 hours before we got married". More wedding pics from our 200$ beach elopement . Anyone.