Kate Cunningham tied the knot to an elder tree in 2019… now they are getting ready to celebrate their third Christmas together.

Kate Cunningham, 37, who changed her surname to Elder after the wedding, married Elder tree at Rimrose Valley Country Park in England back in 2019, according to the DailyMail. She did so in order to protect the tree against plans to build a bypass through the local country park. She was allegedly inspired by female activists in Mexico who married trees in the past as a form of protest to highlight illegal logging and land clearance there.

Now, three years into it, she is getting ready to celebrate Boxing Day with the tree, while the rest of family stays home. “It’s our third Christmas together now so it almost feels like tradition to get the decorations out for it. When I was putting them up, the tree was as attractive to me as ever in the bright December sun. I made the wreath from holly, ivy, pine and red winter berries which I foraged from a walk over the weekend,” said Kate, according to LAD Bible.

Kate, a former teaching assistant, stated that she sometimes visits her tree husband up to five times a week. But, how does her boyfriend feel about that? Well, she says her boyfriend is super supportive of the relationship and often joins her to visit the tree, standing by as they kiss and cuddle.

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