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DAWSONVILLE, GA - JANUARY 25: General view of Arby's Restaurant on January 25, 2018 in Dawsonville, Georgia. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's)

Can this sandwich really be THAT spicy, or is it just a clever marketing scheme?  Arby’s has a new menu item called the Diablo Dare Sandwich.  And they claim it’s so hot, they HAVE to give you a free milkshake to go with it.

There’s a brisket version and a chicken version, and they’ve both got five spicy ingredients:  They come with a spicy seasoning . . . ghost pepper jack cheese . . . diced jalapenos . . . Diablo barbecue sauce, made with four types of peppers . . . and a Diablo bun packed with chipotle pepper flakes.

It’ll be around for a limited time through February 6th.