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17 January 2022, Hesen, Frankfurt/Main: A positive Corona rapid test is on a table. Frankfurt was the first district in Hesse to surpass a seven-day incidence of new Corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants of 1000. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa (Photo by Sebastian Gollnow/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Here’s a new dating hack made possible by the pandemic:  A woman in the U.K. is going viral after she used a FAKE covid test to get out of a bad date.

She went to the bathroom in the middle of her date, and got a friend to text her fake test results, so it looked like she tested positive.  She changed their name in her phone, so it looked official.  And they included a line that said she was probably infectious.

She showed the guy the text . . . said she had to leave immediately . . . and he didn’t even question it.  Then she met up with a friend . . . went to a club . . . and hooked up with a different guy.