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A box of the Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Covid-19 vaccine during a vaccination drive at Jakarta International Expo in the Kemayoran area in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022. Indonesia needs around 100 million extra vaccine doses for its booster program, most of which were being met by donations from the Covax facility and the rest via bilateral agreements. Photographer: Dimas Ardian/Bloomberg via Getty Images

DJ Ferguson is first on the list to receive a heart transplant at Brigham and Women’s hospital however his family says he’s being removed from that list because he refuses to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

DJ has two children already and his partner is expecting their third. His father David says DJ doesn’t believe in the vaccine and “My son has gone to the edge of death to stick to his guns and he’s been pushed to the limit.”

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According to a spokesperson for the hospital

“Our Mass General Brigham healthcare system requires several CDC-recommended vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine, and lifestyle behaviors for transplant candidates to create both the best chance for a successful operation and to optimize the patient’s survival after transplantation, given that their immune system is drastically suppressed

“Patients are not active on the waitlist without this.”

DJ’s dad says they are looking to see if he can be transferred but they fear he’s too weak to be moved.

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