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An employee drives a Tesla Motors Inc. Model S electric automobile, equipped with Autopilot hardware and software, hands-free on a highway in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Monday, Oct. 26, 2015. Tesla started equipping the Model S with hardware -- radar, a forward-looking camera, 12 long-range sensors, GPS -- to enable the autopilot features about a year ago. Photographer: Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tesla, we got a problem. Tesla is currently beta-testing something called “Full Self Driving.” Taylor Ogan, CEO of Snow Bull Capital, a local investment firm, decided to try it out in South Boston. According to a tweet from Taylor with an actual video: Here’s a typical drive on Tesla FSD Beta, and why it’s the opposite of useful. It’s most certainly not even close to being “safer than a human”, by any factor. 22-minute drive, 4.5 miles, and WAY too many interventions.

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