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Passengers, almost all wearing facemasks, board an American Airlines flight to Charlotte, on May 3, 2020, in New York City. - The wearing of masks to protect against the coronavirus has become such a sensitive issue in the United States that airlines are struggling to impose the practice on defiant travelers in the enclosed environment of an airplane. (Photo by Eleonore SENS / AFP) (Photo by ELEONORE SENS/AFP via Getty Images)

A flight from Logan was delayed two hours last night after a man had to be removed for not wearing a mask. It happened at 6:55pm last night on board a Delta Air Lines Flight 670.

“From what we heard from the flight attendants, he just wouldn’t put his mask on. He was asked at least four or five times. And he would almost put it on. As soon as they turned their back, he would take it right off and laugh,” said a passenger named Andrew who was on Delta Flight 670.

The flight was on the way to Salt Lake City and arrived two hours later than expected.

The man wasn’t identified but was booked on a later flight.

“It’s unbelievable to me. Two years into a pandemic, you get on a plane and you know have to wear a mask for a five-hour flight, that you won’t even wear it and 300 people now have to go back to the gate, sit here for another hour — and they’ve got to refuel and get everybody on their way. It’s just so selfish,” Andrew said.