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Students with face masks line up on the schoolyard of the Petri primary school in Dortmund, western Germany, on August 12, 2020, amid the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. - Schools in the western federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia re-started under strict health guidelines after the summer holidays. (Photo by Ina FASSBENDER / AFP) (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

Governer Baker announced yesterday the state will life its mask mandate for schools citing vaccination rates and student’s mental health as reasons. “Our kids have had to put up with a lot of disruption, a lot of time alone, and has suffered a real learning loss over the past two years. There’s no debating those points, no matter where you stand,” Baker said. “From free and convenient testing to highly effective vaccines and breakthrough treatments, everyone now has the tools and the knowledge to stay safe with respect to COVID.” The date: Feb. 28th.