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BOSTON, MA - MARCH 21: The mostly-empty waiting area at the Haymarket Registry of Motor Vehicles office in Boston is pictured on March 21, 2018. Drivers were renewing their licenses or obtaining new titles in as little as 15 minutes. On average, 92 percent of customers waited less than 30 minutes in February, according to state data, the third straight month over 85 percent. That compares to 66 percent as recently as last September. But business may not run as smoothly starting next week, as the availability of a new kind of license has state officials bracing for an increase in branch traffic that could test the agency's ability to keep pace. The new drivers licenses, known as Real ID, require drivers to show more documents to prove US citizenship or lawful presence in the country, as well as Massachusetts residency. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

An internal investigation by MassDOT and the RMV has determined that approximately 2100 people were given licenses without taking road tests. The probe went back to 2018 and was at the Brockton service center. As a result, 4 workers have been fired and according to a spokesperson “All of the impacted individuals have been contacted and will be required to take and pass a road test within 10 days,” the MassDOT spokesperson said. If they don’t, their license will be suspended.