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Kanye West attends Jim Moore Book Event At Ralph Lauren Chicago on October 28, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

Kanye West has called out media outlets OK Magazine, US Weekly, and Perez Hilton on Instagram last night (March 14) for their reporting of his weekend rant, emphasizing that he is simply using the platform to “ensure” that he stays consistent in his children’s lives.

He wrote: “Ok ok magazine What do you mean wild claims ???? My kids were not allowed to go to Sunday Service yesterday and there’s multiple times where the schedules were changed last minute Which alienated me as a parent which is illegal thank God My family has been broken My name has been dragged and dropped The boyfriend been trying to play with me since SNL skits I was called a stalker by random has beens There’s multiple attempts to gas light me SKETE called this ‘legally single’ person my wife I am not ramped up I successfully avoided doing anything that would give them reason to put a restraining order on me She think it’s funny to try to drive me over the edge but I didn’t let them Y’all can’t judge my state of well being based on the amount of time I leave an instagram post up or me using my platform to ensure that I stay consistent in my children’s lives A lot of baby mamas play like this across the world But nobody finna play with me or my children I know that Kim and SKETE are pawns in a bigger game Lord forgive them I made those videos because she ignored my text about bringing my children to church then had her boyfriend text me and brag about being in bed with ‘my wife’ Then tell me ‘he could help me.'”

“What did I lie about? I am ‘allowed’ to see my kids YALL soooo mad that I can’t be written off as abuser or a stalker,” he continued in another post, claiming that the media (more specifically, Hulu) is painting this narrative. “YALL soooo mad that SKETE showed who he really is Right before the Hulu trailer dropped I’m not a bad guy Kim’s not a bad person Kids want parents to stay together but Hulu needed a new narrative.”

In a final post, the rapper called US Weekly “godless people” writing, “Us weekly My kids were not allowed to come to Sunday Service This the fifth time she did this Tying to gas light me What the hell is wrong with you godless people She say I took my kids to school and y’all forget that she just didn’t let my kids come to church?”

Per gossip website TMZ, Kanye, 44, has now lawyered up to handle custody issues in his divorce with Kim, 41, which will end up before a judge unless he reaches some agreement with Kim. Sources with direct knowledge tell the gossip site that Kanye’s lawyer, Samantha Spector, is making custody a number one priority. As we reported, Kanye aired his grievances over the weekend again that Kim is not letting him see their kids when he wants. That’s not the way Kim sees it, who called him out claiming he just picked them up for school yesterday.

Up until now, there has been no formal arrangement for custody as the former couple have tried working it out amongst themselves. Spector will first try to establish something more formal between Kim and Kanye, but if that doesn’t happen she’ll go to court and ask a judge to impose ground rules for custody and visitation. However, since Kanye frequently travels outside of Los Angeles, it will be hard to formalize a custody arrangement. Sources told TMZ that Kim and Kanye are hardly speaking to each other and haven’t for quite a while, which is making reaching an agreement more difficult.