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Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Kevin the local fireman wants to rescue you from your pizza cravings with a homemade pizza made in the back of his fire truck!

I’m hungry for one of these pizzas just from doing my research to write this!  According to CBS 4 Boston, Kevin Doherty is a Revere fireman who loves to make pizza and turned an old fire truck into a food truck.

The company is called 3rd Alarm Wood Fired Pizza.  Check out the oven built into the back of the fire truck!  This is so cool!  Yes, you can hire the 3rd Alarm Wood Fired Pizza truck to pull up to your next event.

According to their website, all of their pizzas are handmade and cooked in the woodfire oven that was installed in the back of a 1968 Mack fire truck.  They don’t just do pizza either… they have delicious sides to make the party complete including a s’mores pizza for dessert!

You can get hungry too looking at the 3rd Alarm Wood Fired Pizza food menu here and more delicious pics of the food on their official Instagram page here.