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MILAN, ITALY - FEBRUARY 25: Asap Rocky and Rihanna are seen at the Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022/23 on February 25, 2022 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Gucci)

Well well well, aint this a plot twist?! A$AP Rocky was just accused of cheating on his very pregnant girlfriend Rihanna. That rumor was shot down with a quickness. However, not sure this one will be as easy to deny. A British mother of 3 has come forward saying Rocky has been DMing her for months.  Jilly O’Donnell, 45,  claims Rocky first slid in her DMs back in December of 2021 sending her three unreturned messages before she finally responded. His first message:  ‘I’m down, would you be down to meet me in Ukraine? If I sort it out I could arrange for u to be there when I get there.’  She wrote: ‘I can’t get to Ukraine haha, I can’t even afford Xmas after lockdown last year. Plus the Prime Minister is a fat useless b*****d so no one is allowed anywhere. You should come here. Ukraine sounds freezing.’  Rocky allegedly responded with: ‘What you guys can’t travel anywhere???? That sucks. I just got here. Freezing my f*****g balls off. The gym here is beautiful though.’  He later added: ‘Man, I got so fat in the past week. Wish we could have worked out.’

Jilly says the messaging continued until the start of last month.

A$AP Rocky has not commented on the allegations.