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NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 14: Felicia and Gary Foster, who have been married for 19 years, stand before the altar to renew their vows at the Empire State Building Sky Lobby February 14, 2005 in New York City. Since 1994, more than 180 Valentines Day weddings have been performed at the New York City landmark. (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

It used to be that when a couple got married, the woman took the man’s name.  Then, some women started hyphenating or just keeping their name.  And then there was a modern trend of men taking women’s last names.  But in all those cases, there was a plan ahead of time. Not in this case. A couple in Virginia couldn’t decide which last name to use and both had reasons to keep their own name.  So they decided to let the officiant flip a coin at the altar and that would determine which name they’d share.  The husband won the coin toss, and the officiant introduced the couple under his name.  A clip of that moment is going viral on TikTok.  The couple says the creative idea worked for them because they “flip coins a lot.”