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INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 02: Doja Cat attends the 2022 Billboard Women In Music at YouTube Theater on March 02, 2022 in Inglewood, California.

Doja Cat recently told her fans that she’s had tonsil surgery. “dr. just had to cut into my left tonsil,” she wrote. “i had an abscess in it. my whole throat is f—ed so i might have some bad news for yall coming soon.”

The rapper noted that she “cried for hours” and she is too scared to hit her vape pen again.

However, when one fan suggested to Doja to just “throw them away” the singer responded how that is not the best option for her either.

“Throwing them away just instills panic. I’m addicted but I’m not weak,” she explained. “I was literally staring at my vape today that normally i’d hit a thousand times a day and hit it two times instead. I’ma try to go cold turkey for now but hopefully my brain doesn’t need it at all by then.” She later thanked fans for their support, adding, “Yall bout to make me cry with all the reassurance. i appreciate it. thanks for being supportive. i love you.”

Doja is slated to perform alongside the Weeknd on a nationwide tour that starts in seven weeks. The rapper did not reveal what the procedure means for her future performances.