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SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 12: Cans of dog food are seen on the shelf at a grocery store April 12, 2007 in San Francisco, California. The Food and Drug Administration is warning that some retail outlets are still selling tainted dog and cat food after inspecting more than 400 stores throughout the country. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A vegan dog food company in the U.K. called Omni is going to pay someone 5,000 pounds  or about $6,200 to only eat dog food for a week.  It’s actually not even a full week, it’s only five days.  So that’s over $1,000 a day, and the whole point is to show it’s good enough for humans to eat.  So it might make you pukey, but it probably won’t kill you. Since they’re based in the U.K., they might be looking for someone there.  But the sign-up page doesn’t say anything about it, so it’s worth a shot.  You’ve got until May 31st to get your application in.  In addition to eating dog food, there are a few more job requirements to mention.  It sounds like they want you to record a few videos for social media.  And you have to share info about your energy level and BOWEL MOVEMENTS throughout the week.  Go ahead and try it! And if you do, PLEASE let us know.