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I have been incorporating a more plant based food into my diet. I still eat fish. I don’t think I can get rid of that. I’m super excited about this new show. Shout out to Food Network debuting the 1st plant-based competition show. I always see BBQ and dessert competition shows but finally there is something for vegans. The show is called “Its Complicated.” I will be watching. I want to learn more vegan recipes. The show will be hosted by Tabitha Brown who is a comedian. Brown is excited about the opportunity to be the 1st to host a plant-based competition show. She stated on social media, “Family look at what the Lord has done😭🙌🏾.” She was referring to her new show.

Each show will feature four chefs and will consist of three rounds of cooking challenges. There will be 3 judges to decide who wins the competition. The show will debut August 11 at 10 PM ET on Food Network and streaming on Discovery+.