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AMC Movie Theaters now offering $5 movies on Tuesdays!

Movie theaters definitely took a hit during the pandemic, but looks like they’re trying to persuade people to come back. We all know how expensive everything is getting, from gas to food to summer activities. Well AMC Theaters is hoping to help out a little with that by offering $5 movies on Tuesdays.

What’s the catch?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “what’s the catch?” Well, doesn’t look like there is one, so here are the details. You can watch any movie, at any time on a Tuesday, at any AMC location in the country, for $5 dollars! Usually, deals like this exclude new blockbuster movies, but not this time. You could check out Top Gun: Maverick, Minions: Rise of Gru, Thor: Love and Thunder, or any other movie you want. By the way, Melissa has seen Top Gun a million times if you want to check out her review. one catch is that there will be additional charges for IMAX, 3D, and other special viewing options. But honestly, I wouldn’t expect that anyway.

More than summer

AND it’s not just for the summer. AMC $5 Tuesdays will run from July 5th through October 31st, so you’ll have plenty of time to see the movies coming out this fall including The Rock’s Black Adam (October 21st), and the finale of the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends (October 14th).

Snacks too?

What about food you ask? Well some AMC locations are providing “cameo”-size popcorn with either a 21 oz. Icee or “cameo”-size Coke Freestyle for $5 plus tax. Now I’ve never heard of a “cameo” size, but if I had to guess it would be pretty small, as in your snacks will make a cameo. Personally, when it comes to movie popcorn, I need “Thor- leading-character-Marvel” size. But for $5, I’ll take it and maybe sneak some other snacks in. Oops did I say that out loud? Yes. Yes I did.

Anyway, you do have to sign up for one of AMC Stubs programs, but that includes the Free AMC Stubs Insider. So enjoy!