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I have been watching this show since season one. I’m a huge fan of  Breaking Bad so watching this prequel makes sense. Better Call Saul returns this Monday for six more episodes. If you have not seen the show yet, I’m going to give you a quick synopsis without spoiling any storylines. Season 1-3 were a little slow.  The first three seasons of the show were centered on Saul and his family life and his struggle with becoming a lawyer which in my opinion was BORING!! In season 4, other characters become more prominent which made for great story lines.

The best character in the show is Lalo Salamanca played by Tony Dalton. His character is charismatic, funny and ruthless. He is a gangster who is very likable. Gus who is played by Giancarlo Esposito, who owned the fast-food chicken restaurant is more visible in season 4 and 5. I recommend this show if you can get through the first 3 seasons. This Monday Better Call Saul with air the last six episodes and the way the last episode ended, you must watch the show. So here is my predictions for the remaining shows.

  1. Lalo will be killed by Mike
  2. Kim will be killed by Lalo
  3.  Walter White or Jessie will not be prominent in the last episodes, so do not expect a huge story line from them.
  4. Gus raises to power after the last episode.


Below is the best screen from the series and the reason why Lalo is one of the best characters in Breaking Bad history. I can watch this over and over again. You can too.