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You know what? Sometimes you come across a headline that just seems too bizarre to be true. This one is right up there. Providence Strip Club Robbed of $22,000 in $1 dollar bills. Yes, it is a true story. So here’s the story…

The Cadillac Lounge is a strip club in Providence owned by Dick Shappy. First of all, if that is his real name, I’m dying. Anyway, Dick, “Mr. Shappy if you’re nasty,” said that he got a call from his manager at home to tell him that he had been robbed at gunpoint. There is security video footage that shows the suspect. You can see a surveillance photo from the Boston Globe. He seemed familiar with the club, and forced the manager to open a safe. That safe was filled with $1 bills.

Words from the manager

Ed Imondi is the manager of the Cadillac Lounge and was getting ready to open the club. While he was counting money in his office, the suspect came in and pointed a gun at his head. He said he thought it was a joke at first. But then the suspect told him, “this is a robbery. I’m going to rob the place.” I can’t even imagine what I would do in that situation.

How much did he get away with?

The suspect took the $3,500 Imondi was counting as well as what was in the club’s safes. In total, he took $22,000 in $1 bills. The manager and owner believe this could be an inside job. The man seemed to know that layout of the building, as well as which safe had the most money in it. The story is awful as it is, but damn, an inside job?

Anyone charged?

Police did detain a person of interest not long after the robbery. But so far, no charges has been filed. Shappy says that in the 31 years his Cadillac Lounge has been in business, he’s never experienced anything like this.

Watch a video of the story HERE.

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