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Another day, another issue on the MBTA. This is getting insane! So this morning, there was an orange line train on fire over the Mystic River in Somerville. The fire was in the front train and passengers moved to the trains to the back. Passengers were even forced to kick out window, and one person even panicked and jumped off the bridge into the river. The fire broke out just before 7am and there were about 200 passengers on the train at the time.

In a statement from the MBTA, β€œSmoke was observed on the head car of a southbound train approaching Assembly Station. Power was turned off between Wellington and Assembly and the Somerville Fire Department responded.” They also reported that the woman who jumped swam to shore and declined medical assistance. No other injuries were reported from the incident. Glad everyone was ok!

This isn’t the first time there have been problems on the Orange Line. How can we forget THIS story about a train shutting down because someone licked it!

The Orange Line train on fire, was brought to the Wellington rail yard for an investigation. Check out full coverage on Boston25.

Here’s video of the train on fire…