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Today is August 1st, otherwise known as “DOGust 1st,” the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs. DOGust 1st has been a thing since 2008 when the North Shore Animal League America dubbed it the birthday for shelter dogs.  When shelter dogs are brought to area shelters, workers can only estimate their age. So August 1st is the universal birthday for all of those dogs that were adopted.  The date is really just to make people aware of the plight of these amazing animals and to encourage more people to adopt from your local shelter.  According to the North Shore Animal League America website: “North Shore Animal League America uses this date to work with shelters across the country to promote adoption and acceptance of shelter dogs into new forever families. The aim is keep their lives happy, healthy, and fulfilled. On DOGust 1st, it is encouraged to spread the word and raise awareness about pet adoption services and shelters in general, praising them for all the incredible work they do in rescuing and caring for animals across the country and the world.” To celebrate, we asked our listeners to show us their amazing and adorable shelter dogs. And boy did you deliver. Let’s take a look at these adorable creatures that have taken over our lives and become our best friends.

It's DOGust 1st, show us your shelter dogs!