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The residents in this small Columbian town must have felt great for a few hours. TMZ  reported that a suburb of Medellin two weeks ago burned over 1.5 tons of weed. The smoke bellowed into the streets of this small town. The smell of weed covered the entire town.  Cops and soldiers seized weed from local dealers and decided to discard it by burning it. The cops and soldiers wanted to get high that day. LOL Columbia is known for drug lords Pablo Escobar and the Cail Cartel. If you never watched Narcos on Netflix, the first three season are centered around those characters. Watch the show its great! The weed was burnt during a windy day. The cops and soldiers never checked the weather. The cloud of smoke traveled and engulfed the small town. TMZ reports that “shockingly residents started reporting a tremendous smell of marijuana.” Sounds like a great time.

However, residents had to evacuate towers in the area to be precautious. Local officials had to reassure the citizens that they were not in danger from the fire or smoke. Edilberto Castono a resident told Caracol TV:’ “We felt a very horrible smoke coming out of the battalion, a tremendous smell of marijuana that stopped everyone.” The residents weren’t the only ones feeling the effects of the weed smoke. The National Police, the Army and Fire Department were involved with the the burning of weed. If this happened in my town, I would have saved money and not have gone to the dispensary that day. LOL


Giant MARIJUANA cloud swamps town after Colombian cops burn supplies

Residents of Medellin suburb confuse cloud of burning cannabis with actual fire 'We felt a horrible smoke [with] a tremendous smell of marijuana', one local said Police burned 1.5 tonnes of the drug found on Tuesday before wind began Authorities forced to clarify that there was no fire, with 'tower blocks evacuated' Police in a Colombian drug capital were forced to reassure the public after 1.5 tonnes of incinerated marijuana formed a cloud over the city.


Marijuana Cloud Shrouds Colombian Town When Cops Burn 1.5 Ton Seizure

Hard to tell who's "winning" the war on drugs in a Colombian town that's now completely shrouded in marijuana smoke, and it's all because the cops lit up a huge pile of pot at the wrong time. Puff, puff, NO pass is in full effect for residents of Bello ...