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Positive opinion: 69% Negative opinion: 8% Neutral opinion: 19% Have heard of: 96% Robert Downey Jr. has had a rollercoaster career that has gone from leading man to substance abuser back to leading man in one of Hollywood’s best redemption stories. Downey Jr. achieved fame in the 1980s with roles in "Weird Science,” "Less Than Zero,” and "Chances Are” before scoring the role of a lifetime with "Chaplin.” A series of arrests for drug-related crimes took over his life in the late 1990s before he began making a career comeback in the 2000s. Downey Jr. has since been on an incredible run of hit films that include the "Iron Man” and "Sherlock Holmes” franchises, garnering a number of Golden Globe awards.

Iron Man was riding his bike around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus yesterday. I’m referring to Robert Downey Jr. Downey, who is known for many roles, but his portrayal of Tony Starks as Iron Man is one of his most recognizable characters. Robert Downey Jr was seen riding a bike with many others around Cambridge. Downey was showing his love for bike lanes. He looked very happy riding his bike around town. According to, Robert Downey Jr was in the Boston area to “meet a pioneering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

Downey’s twitter post shows the actor riding his bike on The Harvard Bridge towards Cambridge. Robert Downey Jr twitted, “Touring MITs architecture, lit and fig…inspired by Hugh Herr’s Center For Bionics, the majesty of Beantown has the whole FPC team fired up!..big things ahead, shall keep y’all posted….” Downey is involved with climate change and wants to help change the negative effects on the environment.

Downey wrote on his Instagram, “Tony Stark went to MIT, and thanks to Hugh Herr and the K. Lisa Yang Center For Bionics, I’m witnessing the REAL WORLD TECHNOLOGY MIRACLES that will affect countless lives in previously unimaginable ways.”

Downey also added, ““It’s an honor and a privilege to be an Executive Advisory Board member, and I’m excited to make y’all part of this heroic journey to a brighter future.”
Robert Downey Jr. is now a podcaster too. Downey is the executive producer of the “The Sunshine Place,” which is an investigative podcast series.  This podcast is a eight part series from Audacy’s Cadence13, which is in partnership with Team Downey and Wink Pictures. Two episodes of the podcast premier August 10th and the rest will drop every Wednesday through Sept. 21. You can access the podcast on all major platforms.

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