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(Photo Courtesy of Interscope Records) 2pac's "Dear Mama" from his third studio album "Me Against The World."

Finally someone has stated the obvious. Tupac is overrated as a rapper but Tupac is no scrub when it comes to rapping. He makes great songs. California Love, I Get Around and How Do You Want It are great songs. I’m not discrediting his ability as a rapper. Tupac is a decent rapper but not great. People view Tupac as one of the greatest rappers ever. If Tupac was alive today, he would be viewed differently. His death created a mythic heroic rapper with limited ability. There will always be a comparison between Biggie and Tupac because they were highly successful during the same era. Tupac should never be compared to Biggie as a “rapper.” Biggie was better.

T-Pain was on a Twitch broadcast with DJ Akademiks last week. T-Pain mentioned in the interview that if Tupac wasn’t killed in Las Vegas in 1996, by today’s standards, he would have gotten his “ass ate the f*ck up lyrically.” Tupac’s lyrics don’t hold up to today’s standards. Biggie is the opposite his rhymes are still witty and different which sets him apart from other rappers. During the interview, T-Pain mention that  2Pac was a great lyricist because nobody had a “platform.” T-Pain stated, “Lyricism-wise, ‘Pac would’ve got ridiculously murdered. Bro, ‘Pac was a crazy lyricist in our time because ain’t nobody else have no platform. If the platforms would’ve been what they are now, ‘Pac would’ve been ate the fuck up […] I’m just saying what we look at as ‘Pac’s greatest lyrics right is peanuts to what we hear today,” according to T-Pain.

T- Pain also stated, “If ‘Pac was alive right now, they would’ve discredited everything he said just because he was old. That’s it. He would’ve been saying the same thing as the young n*ggas, but it would’ve been less credit ’cause he’s old. If ‘Pac was alive right now, over 20 years later, and he would’ve been talking that same sh*t that he’d been talking from the beginning, but somebody younger would’ve came and talked that sh*t a little more disrespectful would’ve stepped on somebody’s grave and that would’ve been the new n*gga and then all of a sudden, 2Pac would’ve been out of style.” The legacy of Tupac is supported by his early death. People view others who pasted away differently. Tupac was a OK rapper. Many will disagree but Biggie was much better.

Check out the entire interview with DJ Akademiks and T-Pain below.