Ok, this sounds very strange to me. Michael Jordan, who has won six NBA titles with Scottie Pippen, has a son named Marcus Jordan. Marcus is 31 years old. Scottie Pippen’s ex wife, Laras Pippen, who is the star of Real Housewives of Miami and 48 years old, is apparently messing with Michal Jordan’s son. If you don’t believe me than checkout the video footage below from TMZ.com. The website uploaded the footage on Tuesday. The two were hanging out at the Rolling Loud concert. According to TMZ, the two were also spotted having dinner together at a Japanese restaurant Zuma in Miami.


If you watch the video, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen appear to be hugging and kissing. This is very odd to me. Who would of thought that Michael Jordan’s son would be messing with Scottie Pippen’s ex wife. I’m sure Scottie meet Marcus Jordan when he was a child during Chicago Bull games. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have a legendary sports championship run. The two won six championships during the 1990s.

Michael Jordan nor Scottie Pippen have commented on this new relationship. Scottie Pippen’s ex wife doesn’t think Scottie Pippen is a good guy. During the last episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa Pippen went off on her husband. According to People.com, Larsa Pippen stated,  “I was traumatized. If he doesn’t get his way, he punishes me,” Larsa said. “He’s like The Punisher.” The two finalized their divorce in December 2021 — more than three years after they initially announced their split. The two shared a mansion in Florida.

Larsa Pippen claims that Scottie Pippen was trying to control her with the sale of their house during the divorce. According to Yahoosports.com, “Scottie was “punishing” her for trying to convince him to sell the house.” Larsa added Scottie was “pushing all the buttons to let me know that he’s still in charge and because I’m doing whatever makes me happy.”