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John Anastos went paddle-boarding on the Charles River with a friend. When he was getting out, he accidently kicked his phone into the water. Now if that happened to me, I would have to say a little R.I.P. to my phone. There is no way I would be going in to get it. Well, not John. He jumped in to get his phone! Again, wouldn’t be me.

Unfortunately, John wasn’t able to find his phone. But he did find something else – ELEVEN other phones! He ended up jumping in like seven or eight times to find his phone. Every time he went in, he came up with at least one or two phones.

The shocking part for me is that with at least three of the phones, they actually turned back on! I guess one of them was there for over at year and still worked. John then went the extra mile and found the owner and mailed them back their phone.

Two other owners he was able to find by checking out the emergency option, which shows the person’s medical ID if they put in that info. He’s now in the process of sending out the phones to the owners that he could identify and find.

There’s just one more working phone that he’s trying to find the owner of. It has a dog on the home screen. Here’s the picture in case you recognize the dog or people. The woman who was with John posted these pictures to see if you can help.

Man drops phone in the Charles, jumps in, finds 11 other phones, now he's trying to find their owners

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