Massachusetts High School Music Director Pens Perfect Song About Home Goods

Massachusetts Music Director Pens Perfect Song About HomeGoods

Milton High School Music Director Andrew Smith loves HomeGoods so much, he wrote the perfect song about it.

I’m not sure if you heard Friday’s podcast – you can find it here – but Bob was absolutely flummoxed at how his wife, Carolyn, could spend a whole two HOURS happily wandering the aisles of HomeGoods.

“How can she do that?” he asked.

I was like, “Bob? How can she NOT?”

It really was impossible to describe – to Bob especially – the feeling one gets at HomeGoods. There’s something so…. so…. FULLFILLING roaming around, touching the rattan baskets and looking at all the off-brand K-Cup flavors.

What is it?

It’s as if I asked the universe. AND IT ANSWERED.

Thr0ugh song!

My sister, Julie, sent me a text:


You guys. It’s perfect. It is the quintessential ode to the HomeGoods shopping experience.

Check it out:


Therapy is awesome. So is this wonderful store. We love you @homegoods #AmazonSavingSpree #homegoods #holidays #therapy

♬ original sound - Andrew Smith


Smith, a Berklee College of Music grad , has a love of both music and high-thread count sheets at low prices. And the song came to him while he was shopping at –  you guessed it –  HomeGoods.

“It was 2021 and I was moving out of my parents’ house after staying with them during Covid,” said Smith, 29, who grew up in Marshfield. “It felt so strange moving out of my parents house. I had lived in New York for four years, then back at my parents. I felt so immature, like I was back at square one.”

Smith moved into in an apartment in the South End. But he didn’t feel like celebrating.

“I was so lonely and I love HomeGoods so I went to the one in Downtown Crossing,” he said. “I just had gone there to just get something, to get out of Bro-topia and make (my apartment) look like a 29 year old adult’s room.”

It was a Sunday morning and Smith thought of a line about fake plants, wrote it down in his phone and “pretty much demoed the song  in one day.”

“It’s just a weird relatable song about how strange it is that a store that sells food and throw pillows can fill some sort of emotional hole for us,” he said. “When we are struggling, why does a dog bed seem so appealing, even when we don’t have a dog?”


Andrew Smith Music

Andrew Smith Music

When Smith is not perusing the very impressive tabletop section at HomeGoods, he’s busy working with teenagers and writing.

“After living in New York for four years, I had moved home, he said. “And you know Covid affected people in different ways, but for me it was like an explosion of activity in my parents’ attic. I fell in love with music again.”

Smith, aside from working on an album, is also writing a musical.

“It’s about siblings and teenagers. Working with teens in Boston and high school inspired the writing of it. I’m just hoping for a reading or a workshop of it. I think victory is completing anything.”

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