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A new year brings on some new laws to Massachusetts residents for 2023.  Here are the five biggest ones that could have an impact on you.

Minimum Wage
It goes from $14.25 to $15 per hour. The service rate is now $6.75/hour. [More info]

Millionaire Tax
Voters said yes to a a 4% surtax for those who make over $1 million. [More info]

Driver’s Licenses
Residents who can’t prove citizenship can get a driver’s license or permit if they meet certain requirements. [More info]

Betting on Sports
A “soft launch” for sports betting will happen January 31. Wonder what the odds are for a Patriots Super Bowl win? [More info]

Working on Sunday
Some employers will need to pay a premium to workers on Sundays and holidays. Small businesses with just a couple employees are exempt. [More info]

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