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Scary scene at a Drake show. He was performing the second of two shows at Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater yesterday. A fan then fell from the second floor balcony and into the crowd.  Drake was about an hour and a half into his show when he welcomed 21 Savage to the stage. Before they could even get started, a man fell from the balcony and into the middle of the orchestra pit.

A crew member came over and talked to Drake and 21 Savage to let them know what was going on. Drake then told the audience, “I just have to make sure someone’s okay,” and left the stage. The lights were then switched on, and then security guards were seen running through the crowd to where the guy landed.

An announcement was made that “Everyone is absolutely fine. No one is hurt. But I’ve got even better news for you: We’re at the Apollo, so the show must go on.” Drake returned after about 15 minutes to return to perform. 21 Savage also returned and between songs, Drake said, “Let’s just make some noise that everyone’s okay, I feel like they had to wait like 10 minutes, we should go up a little bit more.”

Here’s video of the fall.