Currently Reading: Book Recommendations for National Read A Book Day

It's a celebration for book lovers. Today is National Read a Book Day! For a lot of serious book lovers, every day is Read a Book Day. But this day is actually set aside and recognized as a day to set some time aside to dive into a new, or currently reading, book. The origins of National Read a Book Day The origins of the holiday are actually unknown. What we do know is that it's been celebrated since the early 2000s. It's also recognized every year on September 6th. Again, no idea who invented the day, or why September 6th was chosen. But however we got here, it's all about celebrating books and the love of reading. How to celebrate I mean, beyond the obvious, reading a book, there are lots of other ways you can celebrate the day. Visit and support your favorite local independent bookstore. You can check out some of our favorites HERE. Head to your local library. There's so much to check out, literally. And if you're like me, you may need to return the overdue books you still have. Read to the child in your life, or anyone else who may like to be read to. Donate a book to someone, or to a school, community organization, etc. Join, or organize, a book club. Read something different from what you usually read. Benefits of book reading There are so many great things about reading a good book. Obviously, the entertainment and educational value of reading is priceless. Some other benefits (from BiblioLifestyle) include: Helps improve memory and concentration - it exercises your brain, and forces you to concentrate to keep up with the story. Reduces stress and anxiety levels - when you read your body relaxes and your mind is engaged with the story. That relaxes your and helps with stress and anxiety. Helps improve your sleep quality - relaxing your mind and body before bed prepares you for sleep. Gives you a new perspective on life - helps you to understand and empathize with other people's experiences. Give you a break from technology - we are all super-connected to our phones and other technology. Picking up a book gives you a much-needed break, and allows you to escape to another world. Hope you have a great day celebrating, and if you need a recommendation, here are some of ours, and some from our listeners.