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Is This Boston Bar One Of The Top Spots In The US? Esquire Thinks So!

A Boston bar is one of the top spots in the US, according to Esquire magazine. Esquire just named three-year-old Boston sake bar the Koji Club in Brighton one of its best bars in America in 2023. The place is helmed by sake enthusiast Alyssa DiPasquale and it's the city’s first dedicated sake bar Editor Kevin Sintumuang wrote in Esquire that stepping into the tiny space “felt like a world away here more Tokyo than Beantown” "And it’s tiny: no more than 16 seats in the place, and the bar itself has about seven stools.  "There was only one other person there that evening, but within minutes we all started to feel like friends deep into a sake journey ....When I left, the rain had stopped, and for a moment, I did feel like I had just stepped out of a bar in Tokyo. "What you’re having: If they’ve got it, an aged Yuho sake that might change your mind about having sake with bigger bolder foods.  Truth be told - sake is taking the cocktail world by storm! So it's no wonder this Boston bar is one of the top in the US. This cool drink is turning heads and capturing taste buds with its unique charm. Sake is like the hipster of the beverage scene, effortlessly blending tradition and innovation. With its versatile flavors and exquisite craftsmanship, it brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any cocktail. Sake's smooth and refreshing taste leaves you wanting more, while its cultural significance adds a sense of adventure and discovery to your glass. Kanpai to sake's rise! The Koji Club is the only Boston bar to  make the list. In fact, it's the only bar in New England to make the list. Other hot spots are in Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco. A Disney World bar actually made the list, which is pretty surprising. The Koji Club is one of the  21 best new restaurants in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler's  2023 Hot List, And DiPasquale was named 2022's Best Beverage Director of the Year by Boston Magazine! According to their website, the Koji Club's goal is to "reframe Japanese sake from an esoteric, hangover inducing, sushi companion (insert sake bomb here) to an approachable everyday beverage choice". The Koji Club is located in The Charles River Speedway at 525 Western Ave Brighton MA 02135.