Massachusetts Restaurant Is One Of The Best Places For Pie In The U.S.

With autumn in full bloom and Thanksgiving around the corner, there is only one dessert item that takes center stage: pie. The Food Network named the best bakeries for pie in America and a Massachusetts restaurant was named. "Something about the buttery crust and rich filling brings comfort and nostalgia to the table, and we've rounded up plenty of restaurants dishing out just-like-mama-made pecan, pumpkin and apple pies," Food Network explained. During the fall months, the most common pies tend to be pumpkin and apple. They are both relative to the season and a staple on the Thanksgiving dessert table. However, in Massachusetts, the best pie aligns with a Boston hotel with a lot of history. Omni Parker House "The Boston Cream Pie is a timeless, culinary creation dating back to 1856." the Omni Parker House explains about their original Boston Cream Pie. This popular dessert was first created and served at the opening of Boston's Parker House. It has remained among the most popular items here ever since. At Parker's restaurant, they serve their famous Boston Cream Pie. In fact, they also ship frozen pies anywhere in the country. Traditionally, this pie serves more like a cake. It has layers of golden sponge cake and is topped with chocolate icing and filled with cream. Renowned chef and Food Network personality Beau Macmillan spoke of the Boston Cream Pie at Parker's on their Best Thing I Ever Ate show. In Food Network's list, they also give a nod to two other New England establishments. In addition to this Massachusetts restaurant being named among the best for pie in America, here are two other places to check out in the region. The Apple Barn & Country Bake Shop in Bennington, Vermont is highlighted for its apple pie. The Berry Manor Inn in Rockland, Vermont, is well-known for their specialties such as blueberry, cherry or peach pie. [select-listicle listicle_id="610172" syndication_name="these-massachusetts-chains-actually-have-great-bagels" description="yes"]

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