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6 Celtics Hype Videos To Get You Ready For the Playoffs

6 Celtics hype videos that'll get you ready for the playoffs are here. We must say, the Celtics public relations and social media departments are some of the best in the NBA. They really get fans excited, hyped and ready for the post season. This season is no different. If you have been following the Celtics official Instagram account, you've seen how active it's been lately. And with the playoffs starting this weekend, we wanted to take a look at some of the best videos to prepare Celtics fans for imminent victory. Currently, the Celtics Instagram account has 7.9 million followers. The account showcases everything from player highlights, player wardrobes and player workouts. But because the playoffs are starting on Sunday, they have been showcasing some hype videos lately that have given us all the feels. We wanted to highlight some of those in just one place. Before we get to the videos, let's remind you of the Celtics playoff scenario. The Celtics are the #1 seed in the eastern conference. They had a 64-18 regular-season record. Most NBA fans know how seeding works. But if you're new here, just know that the #1 seed in your conference plays the #8 seed in the first round of the playoffs. As of Friday morning, the Celtics still don't know who they will be playing in the first round. They are awaiting the winner and loser of tonight's second play-in game between the Heat and the Bulls. The winner of tonight's game will be the #8 seed and will face the Celtics on Sunday in game 1 of the playoffs. Now, it's time to get ready for what is hoping to be a long championship run for the Boston Celtics. Enjoy these videos and let's get ready to cheer them on on Sunday.

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